Employer Engagement

When employers partner with career pathways, they build pathways that benefit businesses, students and the communities they serve.   

In today's competitive talent market, employers are challenged with attracting and retaining a skilled and passionate workforce. 

Bridging the gap between potential and opportunity, career pathways empower both schools and businesses to create economic growth and lift up the next generation of employees.

Unlocking the Power of Career Pathways

Businesses that partner with their local schools receive a wealth of benefits, from a skilled talent pool and experienced candidates to a diverse and engaged workforce. 

Career pathways programs: 

  • Foster a sense of connection and loyalty with potential future employees by building awareness and positive relationships with students. 
  • Allow employers to create a more inclusive talent pipeline, enriching your company culture and bringing fresh perspectives to your team. 
  • Give students a taste of the professional world, which translates to faster onboarding, smoother integration and engaged employees.  
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